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Like a ninja, we return from the mist


at least I have room for a cup of coffee! sweet!

After a good 2 months of relative silence, I’m back from the land of Computardesk to tell tales like no others. Much has been built and more has been discovered. Now, here are the highlights from my journey!


We Dream Games is currently seeing to the production of 3 games and not talking about that other, secret game we are (not) working on. So, still working on Dojo Defence… graphics are looking very sharp! I have to be careful with my promises now but I want you to expect our first demonstration soon (don’t hold me to that… just in case). Then, the two new babies :

POTASIMO is a physics based puzzler with an awesome scoring structure! the combo system is smooth and payoffs are really addictive! Personally, I’m pretty proud of that one! vids coming soon!

Paint attack! is out cutesy, artsy first step into multiple playing modes and Open feint score tracking! Yeah, Potasimo is on Open Feint also but Paint attack is a bit more daring with it’s game modes. It will be real fun to watch what people play and why.

both are puzzle games and both are trying different things to make a mark on the itunes market. Also, both are readyfor a good Game Making 2.0 project… ok, let’s talk about that now.


Here is a little ambitious piece of news : We Dream Games is backing up a development strategy that might turn out to be a bit more than just a curveball to our production methodology : We Dream Games opens “Game making 2.0,” where gamers, enthusiast and artists can unite to build games! the idea started when I though of all the wonderful visual art directions we could take our games. No, but really, how can you choose between all the incredible art style to pick one that fits this game? I know, the answer lies in a marketing decision yet, why can we not try to have a few? why can we not have artists come and propose a new background for one of our games? why then could we not include that in an update? hey! wait a minute… why can we not do that with music too? and content like items and set pieces? what about design decisions?

Now, before we let ourselves get out of hand, we decided to focus. “make a Game Making 2.0 project relevant to a released app and concentrate on it”. So we are now preparing our invitations for a callout to the community for both our eminent game releases. We will announce our game making 2.0 project for Potasimo and Paint attack as they become relevant. standby for more details on great opportunity.

WE DREAM GAMES is getting help!

A handful of cool people are now showing up at the door looking to give a little here and there to help get us on our way. Testers, artists, musicians, office helpers and a bunch of other devoted agents of goodness! It’s nice to see the buzz getting around and noticing how the team can grow before even looking for the extra heads. To all you generous folks, I tip the hat I never wear! and yes, it increases your chances of getting hired ;)

WE DREAM GAMES is making friends in philanthropy!

Chance meetings are a thing of beauty!  I stumbled upon a connection a few weeks ago with a group in Vancouver that are behind a project they are calling Planetary Guardians. Our talks have rekindled my attraction to building games as a social teaching tool! We are currently in very early talks to bring progressive/alternative education through games to itunes. It is too early to even talk about this but I wanted to plant a seed out there so that someone might hold me to it and keep the flame burning with occasional pokes.  Note to world : I want to make fun games that have a positive social vocation… remind me later in case i forget.

and there we go! I’m Matthieu Rhéaume and those were the 5 O’clock news. thanks for reading and find your way back here in the next week for a new update (I commited to updating this site once a week, event if I have no major reveal… I have a few thoughts to share; this should be fun!)

take care of yourselves.

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