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gold master = time to talk LOUDER (contest!)

HI, I say, how have you been?

I’m been great! Thanks for asking.

Oh me, oh my! I feel tingly inside readying to say what I’m going to say. Ready to speak it. Real soon… going to say it, NOW : Paint Attack is FINISHED. 100%, gold! No way! I know!

To celebrate we are launching our first contest!


Strap yourselves in, our first contest is one for major information spreading! We want to see We Dream Games take the web by storm! Lets get people listening by growing the twitter and facebook army!

So, here is the plan, you tell me what you think : We plan on releasing Paint attack at 2.99 in 2 weeks time.  If we get a response to our contest callout, we will be releasing the game for much cheaper than we had expected to sell it.

If, we get 500 twitter followers before launch day, we will drop the price by 1.00$ (down to 1.99$)

If, we get 500 facebook followers before launch day, we will drop the price by 1.00$ (maybe all the way down to 0.99$, if we get both, right?)

Now, this rebate will last for one week after release. But wait, there’s more! If we continue to grow our follower count like this, we will extent the discount another week for each 500 members! So, if we get to 2000 twitter followers, we will keep the 1$ discount for 4 weeks; if we get 1000 twitter followers and 1000 facebook followers, we will keep the game at 0.99$ for 3 weeks. And so on

So, get to the sharing! If we do get to an impressively high number, you can expect more gifts to be gifted all around!

Keep your eyes on this website in the upcoming weeks, I have a LOT to say!

Got something like 10 posts written, ready to go. Art and music and design details, more contests, our first game 2.0 invitation and one wicked secret!

Stay tuned,

Set the web on fire!

Lets dream games!

Matthieu Rhéaume

President director and executive top-dog guy, head of all dream stuff man person

One man army VS the Bug Legions

good greetings from the We Dream Games crew!

Happily I announce that no longer shall I face the oncoming bug army alone!

No, now people, like yourselves, have been brought into the fray to bring justice to the vile bug creatures that threaten our funloving gamelands! ok, enough epic talk. Indeed the end of these dev cycles are approaching very quickly and now friends, colleges, partner and welcome randoms from the interweb have made it into the WDG QA crew. Oh! and yes! you can do the same!

just send me an email at and we can get to the talking!

and another thing : check pain attack’s unique product page. screenshots and promo material on it’s way!

thanks everyone!

keep up the good living!


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