About Us

We Dream Games is a game development studio devoted to the Itunes market.

We came together to produce creative games that truly pay tribute to the uniqueness of Apple’s Itouch technologies.

We Recognize this platform as an incredible opportunity to design outside the box and we are committed to bending / breaking some rules to find better ways to make games. We intend on trying new things, like including communities in our game productions and to find out how to make some games 2.0. Also, we want to release a lot of games that speak to different people, ranging from art titles, action games to educational content as well.

We are based in Victoria, British Columbia, ocean side at the Canadian western tip.

Anyone interested in collaborating on the create of a unique game idea should contact matthieu@wedreamgames.com. You could also join the forum and explore our games 2.0 communities to see where your vision fits into our pre-established “open dev” models.

Enjoy everything and see you in our dreams. bad pun intended.


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