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Welcome to “game making 2.0″ on!

Game Making 2.0 is a We Dream Games project that gives a chance to gamers, enthusiasts and amateur developers to get some of their ideas features in released games. We can build community created games, we have the technology! The philosophy behind this is simple enough : get everyone involved with the game making process and get better games as a result. This means anyone is welcomed to provide ideas, content and assets than could be placed in our games for future software updates. If you have an idea, make your way to the forums and place that idea as a new post and help it gather some momentum; if your page gets enough buzz, then we will get to talking about how to make it a reality.

Also, sometimes we will place invitations specific to a game making 2.0 idea we are interested in pursuing . This could be anything from “looking for a better reloading SFX in this game!” to “create a background for TossOut and get a chance to win a prize!”. follow our propositions on the forum, the blog postings and watch for sub-pages to “game Making 2.0” on this website.

We know you are better then us. No doubt about that. and we want to work with YOU to make cool games better! none of this is hard at all, just post on the forums and build up hype for your ideas. A guaranty I can offer: we are listening.

On a bit of a legal note, any individual or entity participating in a game making 2.0 project is giving up all rights on the material they are giving to the project. Now, this does not mean we are not open to discuss about fair compensation, on the contrary, this could even turn into a paying program some day. Only, I think is an important subject to bring out in the open: any material produced and ideas given during these projects should be given as a gift, no strings attached. We want to help people contributing to game making, we don’t want to spend some time fighting over rights.

thanks for your already pretty cool turnout! more info coming as often as possible!

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