Paint Attack

Title : Paint attack!

Main Category : GAMES

Sub Category : puzzle, family, board, strategy

Developper : We Dream Games (victoria, BC, Canada)

Dev URL :

game URL :

Screenshots :

OPEN FEINT active! ohmy, ohmy!

Notice : many many modes!

mid gameplay... average move matt... you could have done better ;)

Infinite moves (total score is DIVIDED by how many moves it took you to finish)

read up! yummy yummy info

How To Play Paint Attack

Paint Attack release Icon!

Find this on itunes!

attacking with paint!

Pink! actually, change it to yellow! YELLOW!

Videos :

Brief :

Paint Attack, We Dream Games’ first Itunes game. Paint attack is an addictive puzzle game with openfeint support and a ton of different modes! This is the perfect transit game! Play a match hyper quickly, and then compare your performances to the entire Openfeint community!

This project was our way to play around with game rules and making different scoring systems, learning about a few how-tos and just becoming familiar with the apple SDK. It was cool to try and think of different fun ways to use the same gameplay by changing the rules a little bit. Now, we have a game that is a perfect foundation upon which can build an awesome game making 2.0 project!

Give it a quick try out, you should enjoy what’s there!

cannot wait to put this out there and see what you all think!

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  • Ed Turner:


    I was just checking out your iPhone app in the App Store. Congrats, looks pretty good.

    Happy with your sales so far?

    I’ve been working with some app developers the last few months, and I’ve learned that there’s two aspects that you need to focus on to be really successful selling apps in iTunes. I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned if you’re interested. Just let me know and I’ll send you a quick overview.

    Best of luck,
    Ed Turner

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