Title : TossOut (formally refereed to as – Potasimo : Size matters!)

Category : GAMES, puzzle

Developper : We Dream Games (victoria, BC, Canada)

Dev URL :

game URL :

Screenshots : COMING SOON!


Brief :

TossOut is a game project with a unique history. It bloomed into being after seeing a tech demo and after a personal challenge coming from one of the team members : He dropped a 10$ bill on the table and dared someone to design a game using that tech in under 3 hours.  So, then came coffee, whiteboards, visions of colors and combo systems. 2 hours later we had a game… a few days after that we had a good game!

TossOut can be described as a physics based puzzler with a very unique payoff system. The user’s objective is to build larger and larger structures by merging same colored blocks. You can bring blocks together by tilting your device or dragging blocks around but you cannot get the payoff value of those big blocks you build until you toss them offscreen. It turns into this pretty intense game of “build & release” that is a great deal of fun to play!

highscore contest have already started in the office ;)

and I am NOT winning…

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