Coming Soon ! Paint Attack for iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch

Hello everyone!

I take a minute of your time to present to you Paint Attack! We Dream Games first release on the Istore and I admit, playing with scoring systems and online leaderboards has been fun!

A bit of insight on the backstory before showing it off, ok? Yeah ok.

What a ride this has been! This being the very first we dream game release, The story to be told stretches all the way back to the incubation days of our mighty studio (sic). We felt that our earlier games should be bite-sized enough for us to learn the ropes of our new-found beloved platform / market. The TO-DO list looked like this : concentrate on delivering fun, undeniably addictive puzzle experiences. So, we started development on 2 games on the same day, two puzzle games destined for things like, colors, combos and highscores. We thought we needed to get our hands dirty with Openfeint as soon as possible and needed to find awesome partners to build our “sometimes” really ambitious games. And so was birthed Paint attack! In an attempt to keep things simple enough and focus on an addictive, pocket-transit-type game, we took this piece of design on spun the dream weave around it.

The result is so much fun that testing and playing has been hard to distinguish. Erasing openfeint highscores has been met with a noticeable moment of hesitation every time and some of those now vanished  scores I don’t expect to repeat anytime soon ;)

I do expect some of you to be taken by the same hook sometime very soon. Now, we go to share some shots, videos and breakups of the scoring math (to give everyone as good of a chance as we got in house). Also, please visit the Paint Attack webpage under games for all the info related to this great title.

Here are a few screenshots for your tasting!

Paint Attack release Icon!

attacking with paint!

just a quick demo of what things can look like

A gameplay video for your checking :

Stay tuned for score breakups and how-tos!

Paint the world with your dreams!


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