Paint Attack scoring, Classic mode

Once again, I welcome you to a paint attack scoring system blog entry!

This time and this time only, we will cover the first of 4 game modes in Paint Attack and that, my friends, is a mode called CLASSIC.

Ok, classic mode is a pretty classic name for a classic mode and I will tell you, I wears its name quite well. Classic mode is the most frilless of the modes and is the most focused way to play Paint Attack. The rule is simple: clear the board in 25 moves and get the highest score.

attacking with paint!

Pink! actually, change it to yellow! YELLOW!

Remember the basic? Good, because you will need to know that to benefit from this information. Have you watched the how to play? You better, or else CONFUSION CUE HERE :

Classic mode is the player’s introduction to the color clearing multiplier bonus (I love names that are mouthfuls… we might start calling that bonus the CCMB; might prove useful).  The idea behind the CCMB (ha!) is to reward players that clear a color off the board early in the game. Actually, the earlier you clear a color from the game, the bigger the reward. The math goes like this:

It all starts with a 100 points flat rate bonus for clearing a color. This 100points is multiplied by the amount of moves left before the max amount allocated (25). Another, nerdier way to showcase this (with numbers and symbols) is like this :

100*(25-xx) = CCMB

Xx being your current move. So, let’s say you clear a color on your 15th move, it will look like this:

100*(25-15) = 1000

So, 1000 points for clearing a color on the 15th move. Pretty good!

The total score in Classic mode is the addition of this bonus with your blocks. Simple is honey pie! (mmmmmmmmmmmmm, honey).

Next up is time attack mode!

Stay in your painting gear!


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