Paint attack scoring, the basics

Hello to all, time for the first in the series of Blogposts about the paint attack scoring system.

Naturally, the whole thing starts with some basics. The “how it all works” question answered.

Well, first, I would invite you to check the how to play video posted a little while back to get you up to speed. After that, you will be some kind of ready to think of all this math with a smile!


All mode types in Paint attack have one rule in common and this is the most important thing to know if you want to score BIG in Paint Attack :

The is the block turnouver scoring system in a nutshell :  the more blocks you turn from one color to another in one move, the move points each individual block will be worth. If you only turn a few over, they might be worth as little as 5 or 10 points per block but, when you turn a whole bunch over at once, they might be worth something like 25 or even 30 points per block! So, turning a whole bunch of blocks over at once is a really good way to challenge the highest scores out there.

Players always get a bonus for clearing a color also but the rule behind that bonus changes from one mode to the next.

Stay tuned for score explanation for the first game mode : Classic!

Much love


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